“Don’t do-it-yourself” lists from Popular Mechanics to The Huffington Post agree on one thing – roof repair is better left to the experts!

“Besides the fact that working on top of a roof is very risky because one could easily lose their footing and slip, it can also be detrimental to your home’s structure if you don’t know the proper way to install or repair roofing,” notes the Huffington Post in its top 10 No-DIY list.

Instead, leave the roof to a roofing construction expert.

But how do you choose the right contractor? Before you trust your roofing repair project to someone else, check out the following:

  1. Talk to references. Choose a construction expert who has multiple satisfied clients in your area, with similar types of construction. How satisfied are they with the work quality? Timeliness? Service?
  2. Observe their work-in-progress. Drive by the contractor’s projects underway; note the job site cleanliness. Talk to the homeowners.
  3. Ask for credentials. Is the contractor bonded? Insured? Experienced in working with Lakeway codes and permitting processes? Be sure the contractor carries both workers’ compensation and liability insurance. Without an experienced, insured and bonded construction expert, you risk liability claims if injuries occur on your property and permitting delays that can be costly.
  4. Know what’s being installed. Will the company tear off and haul off the old roof, or will shingles be installed over existing roofing? Are vents included in the bid – and how many? Is the product the same, or better, quality than what you currently have? Some contractors will cut corners like these as a way to give you a low price – but you’ll pay the cost ultimately. Look closely at proposals, ask questions, and be sure you are comparing apples to apples.
  5. Understand their capabilities. It is rare that storm damage impacts only the roof. Most likely, if your roof is damaged, you have related damages elsewhere – perhaps soffits, fascia, paint, window trim, gutters, and so on. A full-service general contractor can handle any and all of those issues in one-stop-service, as opposed to relying on a roofing contractor for the roof and then managing other repairs across multiple contractors. You may be handy at some of these things, and want to do them yourself, or bid out specific projects to other contractors. But if you are looking to reduce the hassle and have point of contact that handles the project from start to finish, a general contractor may be your solution.

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