If you’ve lived in Austin long, you know that the dog days of summer can extend long into the fall. So even though school has started, it’s likely we still have plenty of swimming days left in the year!

You may be dreaming of backyard water feature to get you through the heat and a spa to enjoy when the weather finally cools – but either don’t have the space for both, or don’t have the budget. Have you considered a spool – the hot trend in small pool/oversized spa combos?

Here are five reasons a spool might be just the answer to your backyard oasis dreams:

  1. Limited backyard space. At an average size of only 10-15 feet long and 6-8 feet wide, a spool is a great option for smaller yards. We have recently broken ground on a spool in the Hills of Lakeway that is a slightly larger than the average, at about 20×10 feet. Like pools, your spool can be as creative in size, shape and style as your vision can imagine.
  2. Limited budget. If you can’t decide between a pool or a spa, and can’t afford both, a spool may be the perfect solution. Because they are smaller than a typical backyard pool, spool excavation is less costly as are the building materials – gunite, rock, plumbing, lighting and electrical.
  3. Less maintenance costs. In addition, spools require fewer chemicals and are fast and easy to maintain. No pool service needed!
  4. Lower heating costs. It has been estimated that heating a spool is 75% less than heating a typical backyard pool, and spool water temperatures can increase about 30 degrees in two hours.
  5. Year-Round Enjoyment. Because it is so cost-efficient to heat and maintain, your spool can be cool during warmer hours/days and quickly heated for cooler evenings.

Our pool designers are expert in turning your vision into a design that is perfectly suited to your yard space and your budget. Watch our Facebook page as we transform a Hills of Lakeway backyard with a relaxing, private spool oasis.