Coming Home for the Holidays

You’ve probably seen the real estate ads this time of year, enticing with their “home for the holidays” headlines. No doubt, there truly is something special about spending the holidays in our warm, comfortable homes surrounded by family.

But when we think of what “home for the holidays” means this year, it isn’t so much about our home or those we’ve built for neighbors. No, instead, we are thinking back to Thanksgiving week, and the incredible opportunity we had to work alongside other Lakeway folks to make “home” a reality for another family.  

The trip was coordinated through Casas por Cristo, and organized by the Lakeway Church.  The goal: to build a home for a family of four in less than four days – he, a pastor, and she, a hairdresser – in Acuña, Mexico, just across the border from Del Rio. Our group of 22 Lakeway volunteers must have looked like an unlikely construction crew when we arrived early the first morning, our team ranging from elementary-school age to retirees. But before lunch that day, we had a slab poured where earlier there was only a blank dirt canvas. By end of day one, walls were framed and placed in position and roof rafters readied. For the next two days, the job site resembled a bustling ant mound with small groups teamed up on the roof; others installing insulation, sheetrock and electrical inside, while yet others tackled the exterior wall board and stucco, set windows, painted trim, and even built a dog house out of scrap lumber. 

This family is one of hundreds who have […]

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Break out the Balloons – It’s Our Sweet 16!

If spring and early summer are wedding season, it seems the fall is anniversary season. At least it is around Lakeway.

The Lakeway Municipal Utility District (you know the MUD, with the big golf ball water tower) is celebrating 30 years of serving this community. The Village of the Hills also is marking a big one – 20 years since the Hills became an officially incorporated village. Even the Hill Country Galleria is getting in the anniversary action; it’s been 10 years since the Galleria’s grand opening.

We, too, are celebrating.  It was 16 years ago this fall that we began building homes under the JKD Builder brand. It was 2001, just after 9/11 and admittedly not the best time to be opening a business, as we were cautioned. But we had cemented our love of this community long before and knew this is where we wanted to live, raise our family and grow a business.

In reality, though, our roots in the Lake Travis community go back a lot further than that – all the way back to 1983, when as a young couple, we built our first home off Clara Van Drive. We had fallen in love with Lake Travis during college weekends camping and boating with family. Our first “big” purchase after graduating, in fact, was a brand-spanking new 15-ft. ski boat for what were a few thousand precious dollars to two young newlyweds. Weekends on the lake, we’d dream about someday living here and, with hard work and luck and more hard work, we made that dream come true within a few years.

Back then, there […]

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The Big Reveal: Peak in This Contemporary Design

This past year, we worked on two side-by-side amazing custom homes in the Hills of Lakeway. If you’ve looked for new quality construction in the Hills – especially with views and minimal slope – you know the options are limited. So when we spotted two buildable lots on Wingreen Loop, with little topography and gorgeous Hill Country views, we knew they were special.  We worked hard to be sure the architecture and floor plans would ideally suit each lot, take advantage of the views and maximize privacy.

We loved having our Hills neighbors stop by along the way to follow our progress as we went from breaking ground to handing the keys to their new owners and latest addition to the JKD Builder family – whom we count as great friends. How many builders can say that they truly are friends with their clients? We love our clients!

Since we completed these homes, we’ve had lots of folks ask about the interiors, so … (drum roll), get ready for the big reveal of the first of the two. Here’s the virtual tour we recently shot. Isn’t it a beauty?

We’ll give our second homeowners a few more weeks to get settled in and then we’ll share their big reveal, too.

If you are looking for quality construction by a builder whose clients trust, respect AND consider a friend, talk with us. Better yet, talk with our clients.

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Fall in Love with Lakeway!

Cool(er) weather is here at last – or at least, it’s here occasionally! And with it is our favorite time of year.  We love the outdoors, we love sports, and we love hanging with our friends and neighbors. Fall in Lakeway gives lots of opportunities for all three, with a full calendar of great activities in the ‘hood. If you are looking for some fun ideas, here are two on our calendar this fall:

  1. Want to stay fit and support a great cause? Join us (I should say, one of us) Oct. 26 at 6 p.m. for Fitness on the Lawn and Think Pink Happy Hour at Vintage Villas, off Eck Lane. It is about time more locales get acquainted with this incredible event and hotel property right in our backyard. This event is the first of several upcoming community events on their fall calendar.  Gather some friends for this donation-based workout on the lawn with the under-new-ownership Pure Barre of Lakeway, with proceeds benefiting Susan G. Komen for Breast Cancer Awareness After the class, Vintage Villas is hosting a happy hour and informational session with Susan G. Komen, with information about how to check for Breast Cancer. There’s even childcare. Check out Vintage Villas Facebook page to RSVP.
  2. If you’ve never taken part in the Hillsfest in the Hills of Lakeway, this is a great year to put it on your calendar -Sunday, Nov. 5, from 1:30-4:30 p.m. at The Hills Park. Being the 20th anniversary of The Village of The Hills, the planning team has gone all-out on this one. This year, it begins with a parade starting at the […]
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Don’t Try This Yourself; Ask 5 Things Instead.

“Don’t do-it-yourself” lists from Popular Mechanics to The Huffington Post agree on one thing – roof repair is better left to the experts!

“Besides the fact that working on top of a roof is very risky because one could easily lose their footing and slip, it can also be detrimental to your home’s structure if you don’t know the proper way to install or repair roofing,” notes the Huffington Post in its top 10 No-DIY list.

Instead, leave the roof to a roofing construction expert.

But how do you choose the right contractor? Before you trust your roofing repair project to someone else, check out the following:

  1. Talk to references. Choose a construction expert who has multiple satisfied clients in your area, with similar types of construction. How satisfied are they with the work quality? Timeliness? Service?
  2. Observe their work-in-progress. Drive by the contractor’s projects underway; note the job site cleanliness. Talk to the homeowners.
  3. Ask for credentials. Is the contractor bonded? Insured? Experienced in working with Lakeway codes and permitting processes? Be sure the contractor carries both workers’ compensation and liability insurance. Without an experienced, insured and bonded construction expert, you risk liability claims if injuries occur on your property and permitting delays that can be costly.
  4. Know what’s being installed. Will the company tear off and haul off the old roof, or will shingles be installed over existing roofing? Are vents included in the bid – and how many? Is the product the same, or better, quality than what you currently have? Some contractors will cut corners like these as a way to give you a low price – but you’ll pay the cost ultimately. Look closely at proposals, ask questions, and be sure you are comparing apples to apples.
  5. Understand […]
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Is Roof Repair in Your Future? 5 Things to Look For.

John Kennedy once said the time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining. And with the beautiful early spring weather we are having, now is a great time to finally get the repairs done from last year’s storm damage.

It’s next to impossible to determine roof damage by eyeballing from the ground. Several of our recent roof repair projects were on Lakeway homes that the property owners felt sure had not sustained storm damage. A physical inspection by a roofing expert will uncover the extent, if any, of damage to shingles as well as common related damage to fascia, soffits, gutters, windows and window screens, paint, lighting and vents.

There are some tell-tale signs of possible roof issues can clue you in that it’s time to bring on an expert for a closer look.  Here are FIVE things to watch for:

  1. Shingles that are cupping, or curling up at the corners.
  2. Roof granules by your down-spouts.
  3. Loose or missing shingles.
  4. Cracked shingles.
  5. Water spots on your exterior walls or interior ceilings.

If you have not yet had your roof inspected and repairs made since Lakeway 2015 storms, or if your roof age is approaching 15 years, now is the time to take a closer look. We offer free professional roof inspections, along with years of experience and references in the area, and pricing and service that will wow you. Email us for a free consultation.

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Dreaming of Your Own Custom Home in 78738? We Have Your Lot.

Anyone who has looked around the Lakeway area for a great buildable home site knows how hard they are to find. In The Hills of Lakeway in particular, only a handful of vacant lots remain and many present tough building challenges.

We were delighted to find a rare diamond in the rough recently, at 29 Wingreen Loop in The Hills of Lakeway. It is truly one of the last lots on which to build in this beautiful gated community.  This one-third acre lot has nice Hill Country views, and an ideal building site in the center.  Here are a few photos of the lot and view.

As a Hills resident, you can take advantage of great golf, fitness and dining amenities, with close proximity to award-winning schools, trails, shopping and restaurants.  If you are looking to live in The Hills, and always dreamed of a home designed precisely to your tastes and needs, contact us about 29 Wingreen Loop. We would love to help you call this lovely property home in 2016!

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JKD Builder Breaks Ground on Rare Home site in Hills of Lakeway

Our team is excited to break ground this month on our next custom home in the Lakeway community, this one at 27 Wingreen Loop in the heart of The Hills of Lakeway gated subdivision.  We worked closely with our architects to create a design that makes the most use of the 1/3-acre lot and its Hill Country views, while incorporating the things that home buyers say are most important to them.

This two-story 3,100-sq.ft home is on one of the Hills’ last remaining lots. Downstairs, the home features open living, kitchen and eating spaces flanked by windows overlooking a covered outdoor living and kitchen, with privacy hard to find.  The master wing also opens onto the outdoor living area.  A second downstairs bedroom with bath can serve as an office or study. Upstairs you’ll find two additional bedrooms and baths, a large game room plus a patio with views.

“Open floor plans centered around a great room and kitchen continue to top homeowners’ wish lists, according to reports from Professional Builder magazine,” says Keith Durio, owner of JKD Builder. “In addition, buyers see the kitchen as the social hub of the house and want large islands that can serve as work, eating and gathering space. This home has all of that, plus many more features that we know are important to today’s buyers.”

Other popular features include a mud room complete with desk and cabinets that can serve as the “drop zone” for the entire family upon entering from the garage; as well as a roomy utility with plenty of work space and room for pet bedding.  To see full plans and specs, please contact us at 512/771-1660 or

pre-excavation [...]
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Five Reasons to Consider a Spool

If you’ve lived in Austin long, you know that the dog days of summer can extend long into the fall. So even though school has started, it’s likely we still have plenty of swimming days left in the year!

You may be dreaming of backyard water feature to get you through the heat and a spa to enjoy when the weather finally cools – but either don’t have the space for both, or don’t have the budget. Have you considered a spool – the hot trend in small pool/oversized spa combos?

Here are five reasons a spool might be just the answer to your backyard oasis dreams:

  1. Limited backyard space. At an average size of only 10-15 feet long and 6-8 feet wide, a spool is a great option for smaller yards. We have recently broken ground on a spool in the Hills of Lakeway that is a slightly larger than the average, at about 20×10 feet. Like pools, your spool can be as creative in size, shape and style as your vision can imagine.
  2. Limited budget. If you can’t decide between a pool or a spa, and can’t afford both, a spool may be the perfect solution. Because they are smaller than a typical backyard pool, spool excavation is less costly as are the building materials – gunite, rock, plumbing, lighting and electrical.
  3. Less maintenance costs. In addition, spools require fewer chemicals and are fast and easy to maintain. No pool service needed!
  4. Lower heating costs. It has been estimated that heating a spool is 75% less than heating a typical backyard pool, and spool water temperatures can increase about 30 degrees in two hours.
  5. Year-Round Enjoyment. Because it is so cost-efficient to heat and maintain, your spool can be cool […]
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Spools the Hottest/Coolest New Trend in Backyards  

If you thought the word “spool” only had something to do with thread, think again.

JKD Builder’s latest pool project is actually a ‘spool’ – a combo pool and spa ideal for smaller spaces. Forms are being set for this lovely Hills of Lakeway project. JKD Builder’s latest pool project is actually a ‘spool’ – a combo pool and spa ideal for smaller spaces. Forms are being set for this lovely Hills of Lakeway project.

Spools are one of the hottest trends in backyard pool and spa design. What is this spool, you ask? It’s basically a combination of small pool and large spa – creating a singular water feature ideal for getting cool on hot Austin days, and enjoying warm relaxing soaks on cool evenings.

Spools come in all shapes and designs, from contemporary angular looks to tropical free-form retreats. In general, spools run around 10-15 feet long and no more than 6-8 feet wide. As such, they are ideal for smaller spaces and smaller budgets.

This 20x10 spool will feature a native rock waterfall on the back side, which also will serves to hide the pool equipment from view. This 20×10 spool will feature a native rock waterfall on the back side, which also will serves to hide the pool equipment from view.

We have just broken ground on a lovely spool in the Hills of Lakeway. The clients, busy empty-nest professionals, wanted a backyard water oasis to complement the outdoor living area, fireplace and putting green they had added previously. While their yard is ample size to accommodate a larger pool, their vision was for a free-form spool that would […]

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